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The Law Offices of Louis J. Maione, P.C., located in New York City, is a boutique law firm specializing in corporate and commercial litigation, products liability matters, discrimination matters and arbitration. Mr. Maione, an experienced New York and New Jersey trial lawyer, started his legal career with a financial services holding company that owned and operated, among other entities, a number of banks, as well as securities clearing and transfer companies, and an insurance company. Over his career he has specialized in matters which involve securities firms and individuals in that industry. Mr. Maione represents both individuals and small to mid-size corporations in arbitrations, trials, and regulatory matters. His business background enables him to counsel business clients in the language they understand.


An experienced, sophisticated commercial litigator with reasonable hourly fees providing hands on services on a personal level. As a result of lean efficiency, ours is a business oriented boutique law firm that meets the financial needs of small businesses and individuals. An attorney and former American Arbitration Association Neutral who not only understands your business, but your business needs as well (See Mission Statement). An attorney who succeeds in arbitrations because as an arbitrator he knows what is expected to make your case; and in litigation because he knows how to settle matters successfully for his clients while avoiding years of protracted litigation but is also an adept trial lawyer who does not shy away from bringing your claim to the jury (See Blog for recent case developments).


The Problem:

Many small to mid-size corporations, as well as individuals, virtually have been closed out of the quality legal service market because ever increasing legal fees have made it impossible in many instances to retain quality representation while achieving the client’s goals. Experts addressing today’s many problems confronting the larger and mid-size law firms, have commented that financial costs have proliferated to the point where many clients, mostly corporations, are determined, if not compelled, to reduce their own costs and get away from the higher priced firms
In addition, in-house counsel is a fixed and ongoing cost and unless the corporation develops a substantial enough staff to meet every legal issue, which then creates but another growing cost center, it will still be forced to retain outside counsel to address those issues for which in-house counsel does not possess the expertise, or the equally important experience to handle the matter effectively.

The Solution:

Experienced, cost conscious, reasonably priced, practitioners like Louis J. Maione, Esq., who, because he is devoting all his time to your matter, provides individuals and smaller corporations with alternatives to skyrocketing legal costs by providing the attention your matter deserves, with reasonable rates that allow you to receive the quality service you deserve. A practitioner with more than 46 years of experience as a litigator in New York and New Jersey, and as counsel to many businesses, believes that the practice of law should remain the noble profession that it was intended to be, rather than merely becoming no more than another big business.

In addition to his law degree, Mr. Maione holds an M.B.A. in Finance; he generally represents and counsels small to mid-size corporations, as well as individuals. In doing so, Mr. Maione, who in his professional practice has been a partner in two New York City law firms, as well as having been Litigation Counsel to a bank holding/financial services company, a General Counsel, and for 5 years the President and CEO of a cancer genomics company, accepts only matters to which he is confident that he can devote his full attention. As a former American Arbitration Associate Neutral, Mr. Maione also was aware of, and appreciated the art of mediation and conciliation and is an advocate of utilizing his skills to help clients amicably resolve business disputes before they proliferate into costly litigation. Not every matter should go to trial, and when the client’s finances are at stake the “principle of the thing” takes on a hollow ring.

The Services:

Mr. Maione provides all clients with an estimate or budget, assessing the costs and expenditures which the client can be expected to incur over the life of the matter if it is one which appears destined for trial, as well as a reasoned expectation of how long it may take to accomplish the desired goals. In this fashion, the client, be it corporation or individual, always knows what to expect and how much it will cost. This process allows the client to make a well-reasoned decision about whether to proceed while serving to avoid surprises.

Practice Areas

Mr. Maione has broad experience representing financial institutions such as banks, securities clearing and transfer companies, broker-dealers and other commercial enterprises as both plaintiff and defendant in civil litigation, arbitration, and administrative proceedings. Included in these matters have been both jury and non-jury matters.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Mr. Maione has experience in a wide array of corporate commercial matters including, dissolution of corporations and limited liability companies, disputes between shareholders, foreclosures, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty between law partners, churning and unsuitability cases by brokers, and enforcement proceedings in addition to products liability and employment and Whistleblower matters (See Blog), including CEPA. Mr. Maione has represented both individual plaintiffs and defendants in foreclosure matters, as well as employment discrimination matters involving sex, gender, disability, and age, as well as under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Government Investigations

Mr. Maione has represented clients in investigations by the Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Justice, the Department of the Navy, and the New York State Departments of Banking and Insurance, and successfully recovered more than $9.5 M from the State of Arizona in a civil forfeiture action. In addition to matters governed by the Carmack Amendment and the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions. His business experience as CEO in leading a major innovator in the cancer diagnostic industry also gives him the unique advantage of understanding business operation

Securities Litigation and Arbitration

Mr. Maione has represented major banks as well as securities transfer and clearing corporations in connection with the transfer and/or sale of securities; and, individual foreign nationals defrauded in the purchase of securities, including Ponzi schemes and “Prime Bank Guarantee” frauds. Mr. Maione has served as a Neutral with the American Arbitration Association and, because he thoroughly understands the arbitration process, has been successful in arbitrating on behalf of his clients.

International Experience

In his experience as the President and CEO of a foreign manufacturing company of cancer markers located in Milan, Italy, Mr. Maione has had vast experience drafting and defending license and distribution agreements with foreign corporations. Please see Blog.


Louis J. Maione, M.B.A., J.D., is a New York City trial lawyer who also has served as Chief Executive Officer and President , as well as a Director of Cancer Genetics, Inc. ( “CGI” or the “Company”), a publicly held diagnostic cancer laboratory and genomic-based manufacturer of cancer markers, located in Rutherford, New Jersey. From mid- 2005 until he left the Company in July of 2010, having originally joined CGI in March of 2005 as Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Maione was CGI’s chief executive. He also was the sole Director and President of CGI’s wholly owned foreign subsidiary, Cancer Genetics Italia S.p.A., which he formed in 2009 in Milan, Italy. Mr. Maione, whose M.B.A. is in Finance, continued to consult for the Company through January of 2012 on a number of different matters.
Prior to joining CGI, Mr. Maione, who has 44 years of experience as a lawyer, had been a senior partner and trial lawyer for 15 years in the New York City law firm of Salon Marrow Dyckman & Newman, having previously founded his own, four member firm of Maione & Collins of New York City and San Francisco five years earlier. Prior to forming his own firm in 1985, he had 8 years in-house corporate legal experience as Litigation Counsel to a bank holding and securities clearing company. In all, Mr. Maione has tried scores of commercial matters in both state courts (NY and NJ) and federal courts in a host of jurisdictions.
Upon leaving CGI in 2010, Mr. Maione returned to the private practice of law successfully handling a major fraud investigation of a client by the Office of The Inspector General/U.S. Department of Justice in connection with allegations of Medicare billing fraud, as well as handling SEC enforcement actions, as well as counseled clients on issues concerning Medicare billing practices. He is fully conversant in laboratory credentialing in New York and New Jersey, as well as coding and billing practices for laboratory and healthcare facilities, and counsels clients in avoiding claims, as well as defending actions concerning billing issues.
In his law practice, Mr. Maione concentrates primarily on commercial and corporate matters in the areas of securities and banking law, shareholder disputes and business agreements, FINRA/SEC enforcement proceedings representing brokers, trademark litigation, corporate dissolutions, as well as employment and discrimination litigation, and products liability in addition to general business counseling.
During his career, Mr. Maione also served as General Counsel and Litigation Counsel to several corporations and has served as a director on the boards of several major corporations. He is also a former Neutral with the American Arbitration Association and offers private mediation services.
Mr. Maione is admitted to the practice of law in New York, having been graduated from the Fordham University School of Law in 1978, and also admitted to practice in New Jersey since 1987; he has more than 43 years of experience as a practitioner, coupled with years of business experience, and is also admitted to various federal district courts, as well as having successfully argued appeals in several U.S. Courts of Appeal. Mr. Maione also is admitted to the United States Supreme Court.
Mr. Maione has tried cases both on behalf of, and against major banks, e.g., Merrill Lynch v. First Interstate Bank of Calif., 900 F.2d 263 (represented bank as “bona fide purchaser for value” of stolen securities); Colson Services Corp. v. Bank of Baltimore, 966 F. 2d 1441( jury trial against bank to successfully recover illegally converted jumbo CD which bank refused to return); Adagio v. F.D.I.C., 338 F.Supp. 2d 71 (multi-district litigation in which plaintiffs were successful in obtaining summary judgment against the F.D.I.C. as receiver of failed bank for wrongfully reclassifying and holding millions of dollars by illegally “sweeping” funds out of insured accounts of South American financial entities).
He also has represented broker-dealers, clearing brokers, and individual brokers in enforcement proceedings, arbitrations and trials. Flickinger v. Brown v. Bradford Brokerage Settlement, Inc., 759 F.Supp. 992. And, he represented German and Swiss nationals in several “prime bank guarantees” actions in the U.S., recovering seven figure settlements against large brokerage firms. Cosmos Import and Export v. Merrill Lynch (S.D.N.Y.), as well as successfully defending, together with local counsel, a forfeiture action by the State of Arizona in which as lead counsel he was instrumental in recovering more than $9.5M of his client funds.
Mr. Maione also has tried trademark cases and esoteric litigation deciding the liability for shipped goods under the Carmack Amendment. Great Amer. Audio v. Metacom, Inc., 938 F.2d 16 (successful defense of trade dress litigation); Dress Barn, Inc. v. LTA Group, Inc., 822 F.Supp. 88 (trial deciding liability of shipper of lost goods under the Carmack Amendment), matters governed by the Montreal/Warsaw Convention and cases which established seminal issues of law concerning personal jurisdiction of a foreign bank. Bankers Trust of Iowa v. Fidata Trust Company New York, 452 N.W. 2d 411, as well as employment discrimination matters and Fair Labor Standards Act litigation.


  • J.D. Fordham University School of Law, 1978
  • M.B.A. Bernard M. Baruch Graduate Bus. School, 1973
  • B.A. Iona University, 1965

Admitted to Practice

  • New York; New Jersey
  • U.S. District Courts for the Southern, Eastern, Northern and Western Districts of New York;
  • District of New Jersey; District of Md.; No. District of California
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th and 9th Circuits;
  • U.S. Supreme Court


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